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Pragati HR philosophy is setting up and working in highest professional standards. Collectively working together to achieve business goal is the motto of our HR. Professional competence is our product, and the people who have that competence are our most valuable asset. Developing all our employees to our working standard parameter is our most compelling human resources task. We are built on fundamental ideals of service to employees, customers and community. We commit ourselves to recruitment, development and retention of the most competent talent and develop an ethical work culture of trust, where we are transparent in our activities, sincere in our communication and add value promises. We develop, recognize and reward our employees for their accomplishments.

To meet this challenge, we have adopted the following human resources philosophy and goals:

1. We provide a friendly and rewarding environment for all individuals to learn, grow and develop to their fullest potential.

2. To develop all professionals to their fullest potential through Progressive Experience and Responsibilities Based on Ability

3. Performance Review in weekly and monthly review meetings

4. In job education and training in the related fields and activities.

5. Encourage our employees to be involved in and contribute to the community and to professional activities and organizations.

6. To create a friendly, dynamic work environment under a team concept while maintaining professionalism.Our firm wants all of our employee at every level to be able to experience the satisfaction that results from interesting work well done.

Opportunities for career advancement, with gains in skill and experience, are an important part of our environment. In hiring personnel we look for qualified individuals with a record of achievement, high grade point averages and personalities that fit with the culture of our firm. We seek to hire professionals whose goals are to obtain satisfaction and to seek a long-term career with us.